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Elk Technologies - Extrusion Sheet and R
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TSM Railcar Unloader, Surge Bins, Silos


TSM Gravimetric Blenders,
Vacuum Pumps and Loaders

TSM Gravimetric Blenders – 8 components,
rates up to 5000 kg/hr.-11,000/hr. Superior
accuracies, blend ratios and mixing homogeneity
that is not achievable by competitive systems due
to our Patented Reverse Flighted Mixing Auger.
Preset your blend ratios and our single weigh
hopper will measure and control, keeping your
color consistent. Tight control on expensive
resins – use the highest possible regrind & color
additives with confidence.

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Bunting Magnetics

We remove metal contamination from gravity feed, mechanical, eddy current, pneumatic and other feed throat or conveying systems.


US Extruders

US Extruders are suitable for all Plastic and Rubber Single screw extrusion processes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY and can be customized for specific needs. They come with a choice of discrete controllers, a fully comprehensive HMI system that controls the entire process, including most downstream and support equipment, or a junction box connections to your controls.

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Maag Filtration,
Melt Pumps, and
Screen Changers

Plastic filtration to micron level Melt Pumps metering polymer at stable pressure improving production quality


Nordson EDI Dies

Sheet Dies for Extrusion or Adheasive
processes including Prodigi Servo profile
control, Dies with Thermal bolt profile control
as well as manual adjustments. Designed to
meet all application needs with XX years of
** AutoControl feed back from inline
Gauging (NDC) systems.

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NDC Nordson Gauging

Infrared, Beta and Laser gauging controls systems for Basis weight thickness and moisture. Extruded Sheet,
film, converting coating. Monitor or control feedback to Die Profile.


Clinton - Hole detection

Pin hole detection in sheet and film, hole
the size of an electron.
Clinton Spark Testers will find it!

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TSM Blowers and
Vacuum Conveyors

Both in-line and secondary recycling lines can
be fitted with endpoint blowers and vacuums to
convey material back to silos. Edge trim or
scrape regrind material handling to be reused.

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Laser Filtration and Screen

Laser filter screens for Erema, Ettlinger and Fimic & Continuous belt filtration and basic mesh filtration Screens for slide plate screen changers (Nordson, Maag, etc) or breaker plates. OEM replacement


Accurate Thermal Systems

Clean your tooling with ease with
Fluidized temperature baths! Breaker
plates and laser filters also

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Representing the following

Inspection & Process Control Equipment

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