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Precision Measurement & Control Solutions

The Beta LaserMike line of measurement and control solutions is designed to increase productivity, improve product quality, and reduce manufacturing costs. These solutions provide in-process and non-contact dimensional monitoring, control, and sample/part inspection of products such as wire and cable, fiber optics, metals, rubber and plastic, flat rolled goods, tube and pipe, and other manufactured goods. Our solutions offer a number of advantages over contact and other non-contact gauging systems.

Beta LaserMike technologies and highly recognizable products include AccuScan for laser scanning diameter measurement, UltraScan for ultrasonic wall and concentricity measurement, CenterScan for eccentricity measurement, LayScan for lay length measurement, LaserSpeed® for non-contact length and speed measurement, BenchMike for off-line sample inspection, DataPro for process control, and DCM cable testing systems for the quality testing of LAN/Data, Telecom, and Coaxial cables.

Extruded ID/OD/Wall inspection and Control

Z-Mike High precision OD, Ovality, TIR and Cutting Tool inspection systems by Beta LaserMike

5 year Warranty

Why? Because with over 275 of experience and supplier commitment we can offer this.


* Screw / barrel wear not included

Crossheads/Tips/Dies for extruders

Guill Tool & Engineering is recognized as the Extrusion Technology Leader in the Design and Manufacture of Plastic Extrusion Tooling worldwide. Guill maintains the most technically capable workforce committed to the continued success of our customers by providing Quality Extrusion Tooling.

Since 1962, Guill Tool & Engineering has supplied Extrusion Tooling for many Industries beginning with Wire & Cable and expanding to Medical, Automotive, Hose & Pipe, Compounding, Packaging and Wood Composite. Guill specialized in multiple layer tube and hose having developed patented tool component features for controlling layer tolerances and concentricity leading to material cost savings

NPE2018 Video demo - No tools needed to open clamp

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Gravimetric Blending/Feeding/Pneumatic Conveying/Size Reduction/Drying/Bulk Storage

Specialists in Gravimetric Blending & Controls.   For the past four decades , TSM have been supplying blending and control systems that enable companies to achieve the level of precision that their production processes demand. And the payoff from greater consistency is greater profit – it’s as simple as that ! In fact, we have more than 10,000 installations worldwide, including world leaders in plastics processing drawn from a wide variety of industry sectors and spanning a total of 60 countries.  

On 7 January 2016, TSM completed its acquisition of Chicago based L-R Systems.  L-R Systems specializes in engineering and manufacturing material handling equipment for applications that require Blending, Bulk Storage, Pneumatic Conveying, Process Cooling and Temperature Control, Railcar Unloading, Resin Dryers, Size Reduction.  The acquisition broadens TSM’s product offering and scope of supply. It further enhances the company’s ability to deliver full end-to-end turnkey solutions. By combining TSM’s knowledge and expertise in gravimetric blending systems and controls, with L-R’s knowledge and experience delivering large bespoke material handling systems, the group will be well positioned to deliver greater value and better service to their customers.

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Wire/Cable, Extrusion Auxiliary Equipment & Full Extrusion lines consisting of Capstands, Cooling troughs, Take-up Reels Single and Dual, Flyer Cone Payoffs, Buncher Payoffs, Flyer Jacks, Multipass Cooling Capstans, Tadem Extrusion lines, Accumulators and Dancers.

Upgrade any Controls System Controls to modernize to Allen Bradley, Siemens, Factory talk, Wonderware, ABB/Baldor. 

Controls and Drive Upgrades

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Complete wire lines

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Thousands of measurements

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Samples after cut

Hole Detection

Clinton Instrument Company, the world leader in spark testers for the wire and cable industry, has expanded its high voltage pinhole detection technology to include new quality control tools for manufacturers of plastic- and dielectric-coated materials.  A Clinton pinhole detection system performs a 100% inspection on the manufacturing line, insuring product reliability and averting further processing of substandard material.

- Other industries:

 Automotive - test corrugated automotive tubing for pinholes

Film, Plastic cups/lids, food containers, baby bottle liners, Plastic caps and closures.

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